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It's crunch time. There are precious few days left until the election. People are getting anxious, getting panicked, running scared, abandoning ship, on the edge of despair, loading their political guns, agreeing with evil RNC tactics, surrendering to the enemy, deserting the cause, and generally going insane!

So here, folks, is your asylum, your sanitorium, your therapist's office, your respite, your calm place to watch the sunset, your inner peace.

This diary is for all of you who wish to share your positive experiences along this campaign journey. Share what you know. Share what works. Offer help to those who want it. Offer hope to those who have lost it. Offer sanity to those who have lost their way.

Think of this diary as a place to sit back and look at all of the good things you've accomplished. Pat yourself on the back. Let others pat you on the back too. Share your wisdom, your compassion, and don't forget the funny stories.

Refocus and relax - just for a few minutes. Then get back out there with renewed energy and know that you can and have made a difference and that people care about the efforts you've made!

Positive vibrations only!

Thank you.

Originally posted to catnip on Tue Sep 14, 2004 at 07:21 PM PDT.

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  •  Raindrops on roses and (4.00)
    whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens....

    Sorry, had a Julie Andrews moment there. Thanks for the haven!

    Visualize Whirled Peas

    by Hoya90 on Tue Sep 14, 2004 at 07:21:15 PM PDT

  •  oops! Forgot the tip jar! (4.00)
    So here it is...

    thank you/merci

    ...and Julie Andrews moments are certainly welcome! lol

  •  Good idea! (4.00)
    I've been canvassing a few times and phone banking. Few things are as empowering as knowing you are talking to voters. Phone banking is good for efficiency. But canvassing and talking to people one on one -- knowing your putting the info into their hands and seeing that when they say they'll read it they seem to mean it, that's good stuff.

    I've also written letters to the editor and complaints to the media. And if you write the NY Times public editor, he writes back! And I've written to voters in Missouri.

    I've also planned some trips to PA and Ohio.

    The thing is, I'm not sure how "successful" all this is or how to guage success in this. What is powerful is the feeling of actually doing something. Just being active, taking a personal roll, is uplifting. Knowing that whatever happens Nov. 2, I won't be sitting around on Nov. 3 thinking "why didn't I do something?" is empowering.

    If I might, some suggestions:

    Letters, letters, letters -- if you aren't in a swing state consider writing the editor of USA Today. Even if you aren't published you might help a similar letter get in, since the more they get on one topic the better.

    Write to swing state voters if you can. If you don't know any, check with and look for a party or ask you local DNC people (my Meetup people had a list).

    Email Oprah -- try to get her to have Bev Harris of black box voting on (that's an Air America thing)

    Also, contact the media and tell them you want them to interview the 9/11 widows. And if you see them on TV, watch like a hawk, and if you think the media treats them unfairly, respond with appropriate righteous indignation. They deserve out support and protection.

    Anything you actually do will help you feel good.

  •  thanks for this (4.00)
    i've had lots of positive campaign experiences, but as i'm about to log off for the night i'll just drop a couple lines about tonight.

    first went to a dem meetup. it wasn't even in a swing state, but boy there sure are lots of things going on!  there are competitive congressional races all over and cities and districts with really low voter turnout that need registration and GOTV - so go do it!

    then i stopped by a showing of unconstitutional on my way home.  again this was not in an area that you would think of as radical or active, but boy were the people fired up in that room after the movie! they were this close to breaking out the torches and pitchforks i'm tellin' ya.  good to see.

    get US troops out of iraq and into sudan

    by zeke L on Tue Sep 14, 2004 at 07:38:51 PM PDT

  •  Had an LTE published (4.00)
    about two weeks ago. My first one ever.  

    I've been badgering the media to do a better job.

    I went to a rally where Terry McAuliffe spoke and gave a real red meat speech:

    I'm volunteering with college Dems for the election.

    •  LTE (none)
      Where was your letter published? What was it about?
      •  Purple bandaids. (none)
        It was righteous indignation, but the letter was unfortunately, edited heavily (IMHO).  My best zinger wasn't included.
        •  those editors! (none)
          Well, congrats for getting published regardless! ;-)

          One of our local newspapers (part of a national, conservative chain) is very right-leaning and I will not write a letter to the editor to that one because the paper allows the editor to insert a snarky comment after each letter - extolling the right-leaning and bashing the left. Our other local paper is fairly conservative as well and it's tough to get a letter printed but it's always worth a shot.

          One suggestion: we have several bedroom communities around the city and they're usually starving for content. I read them online and they're a good target for LTEs. Many have circulations of 10,000 plus and are more independent so they reach a good segment of voters.

  •  Headed to WV (4.00)
    Take me home country roads.

    West Virginia will go BLUE.  I'm spending a few days back home there, doing door-to-door canvassing.

    My grandparents there are more fired up than I've ever seen them.  My grandmother, who was born in the Hoover Administration, says this is the first time she has ever been actually AFRAID of the President.

    This election won't be easy.  Nothing worthwhile ever is.

    If ANYONE jumps ship at this point, I don't know why they were ever on the ship in the first place.

  •  I had one yesterday! (4.00)
    A year ago, I was assigned to work with a GTA named Christine.  The first few days we worked together, I tried to make friendly chit-chat, and Christine volunteered that she was "really active" in this scary fundamentalist church here in town.  

    I didn't need to be told twice what that meant!  Yuck!  I figured maybe to cool it with the chit-chat; stick to the weather.  After all, my job was to work with her for the next 15 weeks, and those 15 weeks would be a lot more stressful and a lot less productive if she viewed me as Satan's Big Fat Helper.  

    The semester eventually ended without further incident.  Christine invited me to Scary Fundy Church's Christmas services, and I declined.  We had little contact after that point.

    So...this week, I get an updated volunteer roster from the county's Democratic HQ.  And on this updated roster, Christine's name is on it!  I did a double-take.  Maybe there's someone else in town with the same last name?  Impossible -- the phone number's a match, too.  

    I haven't had a chance to see her yet -- the shift she volunteered for is during a class of mine.  But I'm dying to ask what led to her change of heart over the past year.  In any case, it's made me feel really great to know we've gained her as a convert.  :)

  •  Voter registration (none)
    especially of people who didn't think they could vote because of a long-ago felony conviction which makes no difference in California.

    It is an absolute joy to hand these men (mostly) a voter registration form and a pen, and watch their self-esteem blossom. They begin to feel a part of the larger society, and I KNOW they will vote !

    (Truth is, most of them mutter something about getting rid of Bush while they fill out the form...)

    Let's get some Democracy for America

    by murphy on Tue Sep 14, 2004 at 08:11:27 PM PDT

  •  Nothing to it but to do it! (none)
    This is a saying that an old friend told me and it's times like this when it comes in handy.

    Register folks while you can then commit to getting out the vote. Take care of your voting absentee and volunteer to work at your polls. This is my plan.

    Don't be afraid to log off.

    by Debby on Tue Sep 14, 2004 at 09:18:45 PM PDT

  •  short and to the point (none)
    I'm Canadian and live in the most conservative province in the country - Alberta. We've had 30+ years of right-wing governments. so the battle is tough!

    Since my issue is poverty, I've decided that one of my most important nessages will be this:

    "400,000 children live below the poverty line in Alberta."

    The reason that will hit home is because we only have 3 million people in the province and Alberta will be debt free next year. The more I can get that message out through LTEs, talk radio, and flyers, I'm convinced that even if the same government is re-elected, Albertans will not tolerate such abuse of our children anymore. So, that's my plan: concise, factual statements that pack the most punch and don't require further explanation. Who can argue with such blatantly pathetic facts? Only people who have no conscience. This very much mirrors the challenge you have with staunch Bush supporters. You can't change their minds but other, more open minds are up for grabs!!

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